OUI has been providing Skilled Rope Access Technicians and support services since 1996.


We have successfully forged strong working relationships with major operators and blue chip/top tier service companies.


Our rope access personnel all work to the IRATA - (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) International Code Of Practise (ICOP) and have a proven track record.


OUI pride themselves on providing a wide range of skilled trade persons who are also qualified to IRATA standards and are capable of working to UK and International standards. Typical trade skills available include electrical, mechanical, inspection services and painting although this is not an exhaustive list.


An individually selected workforce can be tailored to each specific Client or Project, all relevant support services are handled by our dedicated onshore team.


OUI strives to be the first choice when it comes to choosing your Rope Access Personnel and is dedicated to providing Service Excellence.


Product and Services

OUI has established and implemented an Integrated Business Management System, and are committed to continually improving it.


Our system has been installed to allow us to meet the following objectives:

  • Maintain and surpass certification board and client requirements.
  • Achieve zero customer complaints.
  • Deliver the highest quality service first time & every time.


Our current capabilities comprises of (but is not limited to) the following scope:


NDT Inspection

  • MPI. DPO, UT, ECI, Concrete and Coatings Inspection.
  • Full Photographic and Video Reporting.



  • Steelwork removal, welding/burning, mechanical installation, lifting and rigging.
  • Controlled destruction and decommissioning.


Fabric Maintenance

  • Single and multi-coat paint application, cleaning and blasting.
  • Specialist coatings.



  • Lighting power systems installation. Inspection maintenance and remedials.
  • Telecoms and communications works. Fire & Gas - install and repair.


Customer Focus, Needs and Requirements

OUI continually strive to fulfill customer's needs and ensures that we are always capable of providing them accurately, safely and without causing harm to the environment.


Customer Focus

In order to satisfy its customers, OUI must understand its business and specific client requirements so we may anticipate their needs and ensure that products and services supplied are fit for purpose.

Thi is achieved by constant focus and monitoring of the following:

  • Market research.
  • IRATA Recommendations & Guidance.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Customer feedback reviews - (including - FPAL).
  • Review and investigation of customer complaints through our dedicated Improvement System.